Ken Davenport & Tracy Weiler's Wedding

The Proposal


How Ken Proposed

by Vincent Puccio

Hi.  My name is Vincent Puccio and I’m a Casino Host at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  Ken proposed to Tracy here at the hotel, so he asked me to write the story of how it happened.

Ken likes to gamble.  Blackjack mostly.  Although I hear he gambles a lot on this very expensive game known as Broadway from time to time as well.

Tracy likes to play “21” (as she calls it), too.  In fact, she likes it even more than than Ken does, probably because she plays with his chips.

Last year, to celebrate their birthdays, Ken and Tracy came back to The Venetian.  In the midst of a session at the Wheel of Fortune slots, Ken pretended he had to pee, and came to see me, in the High Roller room.

He told us he wanted to propose, and he wanted to do it while playing “21.”  His idea?   He wanted to sit down at a table and play, with Tracy, and when she got a blackjack, he wanted me to pull out the ring, put it on the table, and tell her she won a “bonus.”

The first thing I said to Ken was, “What if she doesn’t get a blackjack?”

“She will,” he said.

“Ken, remember that time last year when you kept saying that and had to go to the ATM three times?”

“She will!”

“The odds say she might not.  Maybe, maybe, if she doesn’t get a blackjack, you should take that as a sign!”

It was my little joke.  Ken didn’t like that too much.

We eventually figured out a plan, but I told Ken that we couldn’t hold on to the ring, so he had to hide it in the small of his back for the next hour.  When they came into the room for the big moment, he pretended to pee (again) and gave us the goods.

Everyone was in on it . . . except Tracy, of course . . . and as each card was dealt, we all leaned in.  Will it happen?  When?

Six hands went by and then . . .

Tracy’s first card . . . KING!

Second card . . . seven.


Four more hands went by and then . . .

Tracy’s first card . . . ACE!

A mini cheer went up, and then . . .

Second card . . . two.

Seven more hands, and about $1700 later . . . no blackjack.

And then . . .

Tracy’s first card . . . KING!

Ken’s first card . . . JACK!

Tracy’s second card . . . ACE!!!

But wait, there’s more . . .

Ken’s second card . . . ACE!!!

That’s right.  They both got blackjack at the same time.

I did my next part perfectly (I’m still hoping Ken puts me in one of his shows), and pulled out the ring and put it on the table, and told Tracy (who looked beautiful, by the way) she won a bonus.  She just stared at the box.  Then she stared at Ken.  Then the box.  Then Ken. Until finally Ken told her to open it.  She did.

Ken got on his knee and told her that one year ago, when they were on a “break,” Ken was at that very table playing blackjack by himself (and just about to go to the ATM for the third time), and he remembered thinking that he never wanted to be playing blackjack or doing anything in life by himself again, without Tracy by his side.

She cried a bit.

She sweated a lot (I only know that because she told everyone in the room that she was “really sweaty.”)

And then . . . she said yes.

I wish I had photos to show you.  But we don’t let people take them in the High Roller room.

But I have a feeling that these two will have lots of photos to share with you in the future.

I’m a Casino Host.  I deal in odds.  And I’d bet on these two with everything I’ve got.

Wedding Location

Ken and Tracy are getting married in Tracy's hometown of Batesville, Indiana.

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Honeymoon Destination

Ken and Tracy will spend their Honeymoon in Hawaii!

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Ken and Tracy are registered at Amazon, Target, and Honeyfund!

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